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Document Storage

You got documents for storage, we have the space.

We provide closed box, open shelf, scanning and a secondary climate controlled storage area for discs and tapes Closed box storage: Is for items that need to be stored but are not accessed on a regular basis Open shelf storage: Is for items you need to access regularly

Secondary climate controlled area: Is a specially designed cooler storage area for the storage of CD’s, DVD’s, Tapes and Video’s

Scanning: Both individual and batch scanning is available. Ideal for when you need regular access to a large document or more than one person needs access at the same time. Digital Information management: CRM document storage is managed with the "state of the art' HP TRIM system, no document is unaccounted for, provided your stored documents are correctly TRIMMED. For more information about CRM TRIM please speak to one of our staff. All of these services can be accessed within an hours notice during business hours as we are located on site in Alice Springs.


To place an order email or Phone us (08) 8953 3566

To organise delivery or pickup email or Phone us (08) 8953 3566

To place an order email or Phone us (08) 8953 3566

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