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Document Shredding

Safe, secure shredding.

CRM has the only ASIO approved industrial shredder with baler in Alice Springs. The Shredder is capable of all applications from personal, small, medium or large office data shredding. It is set to strip cut, that is to a standard that takes care of your security concerns.

Our shredded paper does not go to landfill but is used as green paper mulch for large scale agricultural use, so your paper waste is going towards saving water and greening the planet.

For price and bin sizes see below. For more information about any of these services please speak to one of our staff.


Per Record of stored paper > $3.64 ; Per Carton of stored paper > $9.12

Exchange & Destruction: Large 240 L/Small 120 L > $33.00 ; Destruction Only: Large 240 L > $74.65 | Small 120 L > $38.09

Extra charge of $49.50 for pickup time that exceeds half an hour including travel time. Wheelybins are supplied at no cost and can include, upon request A Certificate of Destruction

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