Centralian Records Management

The largest document storage and destruction facility in the Northern Territory.

Centralian Records Management (CRM) is a locally owned and operated business that opened in July 1999 and has over 40 years experience in document transportation and storage.

Contrary to the notion that technology would herald the age of a paperless office, the reverse has occurred with modern technology generating more information and as a result more documentation than ever before.

Our aim is to save local businesses time and money through solving the costly problem of in house document storage and destruction.  We provide a comprehensive document management service to suit a variety of needs and are located on site in Alice Springs allowing for rapid document retrieval and decreasing the cost of transporting documents to and from Darwin.   

We also support other local businesses in providing mulch from our paper recycling at no cost minimising our landfill and decreasing their water requirements.  

Super Fast and Reliable

Centralian Records Management is a local Alice Springs record storage management facility that services much of the Northern Territory.

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We live and breath document storage and document destruction.

Security is paramount to CRM for both storage and shredding.

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"Its amazing how quick your service is, I get my documents within the hour.."
"Not only is your shredding business safe and secure but its also envrionmently friendly, that's unreal."

The biggest in Alice

There is no other facility like it in the territory.

Less than 2 hour service delivery

We pride ourselves in providing service within 2 hours of order request... sometimes less.

NT Government compliant

Our document storage services most of the territory government, right here in Alice Springs.

Shredding Machine

This Shredder can shred a 240L bin in 5 min
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Shredding paper ready for recycling or composting, No landfill!

Every storage has it’s own story, it’s own identity

The care we take to esuring that your documents are treated with the utmost care, you'd think it was a living thing. - every story needs a place to live.